• People tend to think of woodcut when they heard “print”. In fact, there are other prints, such as lithograph, drypoint and paper mould etc. Traditionally, lithograph, drypoint and serigraph together are known as “Three Prints), thus is the name of this Studio. Founded in the end of 1996, Sanban Studio was originally an entity dedicated to the promoting, exchanging, developing, creating and marketing of print techniques and artifacts. It mainly creates and markets its own products, but offers paid service for print production as well. Meanwhile, it tries to spread and develop quintessential techniques and transcendent ideas by hosting outstanding artists home and abroad to deliver academic lectures, to create and exhibit artifacts and to appreciate artistic styles on the periodic basis. Today, Sanban as a comprehensive art studio has expanded its function to the scope of incubating young artists, masterminding artistic activities, designing and manufacturing ornaments and industrial arts. Moreover, Sanban also makes and markets tourist souvenirs, indoor decorations, gifts, and it takes orders of designing and making all kinds of 2 dimensional and 3 dimensional print products as well. It has duplicated such print masterpieces as those from the hands of Deng Jianjin, Zhang Dali, Huang Rui, Zhong Shan, etc.
      As a time-tempered print studio in the field of print manufacturing and duplication in China and in light of the huge potential market of print collection Sanban has independently developed a unique technique by consulting the experiences from Japan, Korea and Europe and by adjusting the traditional process of print production and thus, it can produce masterpieces of print with collection quality of the original oil paintings for galleries, art galleries and museums, so that more people can appreciate and exchange them.