• The Print Studio of Sanban dedicates itself to printing fine art pieces mainly by way of serigraph handicrafts. It uses top quality handicraft print paper series of “Arches” and “Rives”, imported directly from France. Its pigment, the G Brand Silkscreen Ink of water base, professional and environmental friendly, is the product of New Zeeland.
      Formula 1.   
      1. Sanban and the prospective artist fix a painting that caters to the way of serigraphic representation/expression together on the basis of consultation.
      2. Sanban Print Studio provides a working plan according to the number of print blocks and printing periods, and initiate the prophase preparation.
      3. The prospective artist comes into the print studio to make the master print and the studio technician furnish the block and begins printing.
      4. Studio technician is to finish the anaphase polishing and sequencing, and to smash those pieces with deformity, all with the consultation of the artist.
      5. The artist puts on his/her signature on the pieces.
      6. Sanban and the artist sign the agreement of cooperation.
      Formula 2.   
      1. Based on the knowledge property certificate and the letter of entrustment, Sanban signs an agreement with his/hers agent./agency.
      2. Studio technician carries out the anaphase polishing and sequencing, and smashes the pieces with deformity, all with the consultation of the artist.
      3. Sanban is to be responsible to print the pieces in accordance with the specified quality and quantity, but it does not undertake the responsibility specified in the agreement between the agent/agency and the artist.