• Lust•Suppress——Deng Jianjin’s Art Exhibition
      • The well-known artist DengJianjin’s large-Scale solo exhibition “Lust·Suppress” will be held in the No.1 Hall Today Art museum Beijing from 14th Feb to 22 Feb, 2009.During that period, it will hold a grand series of academic activities. To be honored, the famous art critic Gao Ling will be as the curator of this exhibition.
        As early as the beginning of the 1990s, Deng Jianjin has made his art perspective to lock in the performance of contemporary person’s mental and emotional feeling. From the beginning, his characters have the strong expressionistic style and visual tension and apart from the college-style neo-classical realism which was prevalent in art of China. In his view, to show the city’s isolation and indifference simply is far less to represent the performance of the flesh living in this city because in such the physical contains the invisible pressure and temptation of a city or a community.
        From the male body of the artist to the nameless woman’s, from the rational ask oneself under the external pressure of the social materialism to the body and physical expression, Deng Jianjin make the social problem to the personal experience step by step and this experience and private psychological closely together
        Refused the simple, direct and sociology representations reflects, to capture and reveal the goods and people’s spirit alienation and advance such feeling, sex, desire and fantasy to the deepest, in the convincing and moving visual form to give them independence and solemn value, Deng Jianjin break a new art path with much attention, controversy and be full of hardships, but more deeply value art on the road.